Christian Domestic Discipline Churches

Are there any churches that support christian domestic discipline?

From what I've found on the web I don't think so.
As it's just a (wrong) interpretation of the bible and can be played between husband and wife it's logically that there are no official churches out there.
But there may be inofficial groups practicing christian domestic discipline.

Some christian domestic discipline churches links:
landoverbabtist - Official true christian church web forums
spankingneeds - Some churches adopt christian domestic discipline discussion on forum. - Does the Church approve of "domestic discipline" between spouses? (forum)

As in the last post mentioned don't do anything you don't want. Don't let him humiliate you. You should be equal in rights even if you take this into real life.
When you feel uncomfortable, then say it to your husband. Then this should stop, cause it can damage you as a person (psychologically) in the long run. 

Christian Domestic Discipline


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