Art of Self Spanking post

American Spanking Society reviews the blog: The art of self spanking. (Book, Software, Articles...)

Good girls, bad girls post

Good girls and bad girls picture examples on perfumed kisses 2 blog.

Honesty in Domestic Discipline

Good article/guide about the importance of honesty in a domestic discipline relationship on the a domestic discipline society blog.

Story: Blame it on the Jeans

Spanking Story: Blame it on the Jeans (Part 1 and Part2).

Make a punishment birch

How to make your own punishment birch posted on hermionesheart's blog. Good how to for a good spanking/ domestic discipline tool...

Good Spanking Pictures

Some good Spanking Pictures from the Spankingnl tumblr blog:

Story: Lust in the Dunes 6 and 7

Story: Parts 6 and 7 of the story "Lust in the Dunes" Part 6: The Aesthete and the Slut. Part 7 (Finale): The Love Elite.

Naughty and Nice Story

Short-Story: Naughty and Nice. ... "I hate Christmas! Elf Emma Snowsparkle muttered under her breath, after hitting her thumb with her hammer for the fourth time that morning."...
good, cute, great, lol I hate christmas spanking story on the spankarama blog
Have to read it later...

Spanking posts

Good Spanking blog posts list (over 30 posts) of several spanking blogs on chross.blogt. Posts, stories, pictures, videos...


Little White Lie Story

Domestic discipline/Spanking story. "Little White Lie" on sunnygirls aimlessramblings blog.

Trick or Treat Story

"Trick or Treat?" Story on danakane. Domestic discipline/ spanking story.

Woman spanked over the table.

Bare hand spanking of a woman. Link to the spankeable blog where the link to the Video is posted.

Unfair Spanking Poetry

"Unfair", spanking poetry on cddforlife blog.

NYT Article and Follow Up

NYT domestic discipline Article and a short interview with the author Jillian Keenan.Read it at the adomesticdisciplinesociety blog.

The Saga continues part 4

Story: The Saga continues part 4 by Cassie. Storylink: Cassiesspace.


Femdom spanking experiences male perspective link

From a F/M spanking blog. This guy tells his experiences with the F/M game. Enjoy reading.
Playing Mistress - Week Long Wait Spanking Game

Halloween Spanking Videos

Thought I should share this link from the american spanking society blog:
"...For all your hard work, we thought some Halloween themed spanking videos would make for a nice treat..." Halloween Spanking Videos blog post

Spanking Pictures

Some Spanking pictures list:

spankingnl blog: girl in front of the mirror
another over the knee bare hand spanking
i love this picture: nice ass image
spank-otk blog: girl in the corner, spanked ass
goshuujin blog: woman spanks girl over knee with the hand
crimsonandblack blog: girl gets bare hand spanking, nice red ass
nice ass in the air on chair position picture
spankeable blog: woman with red markings picture

Discipline yourself to success article

Discipline yourself to success

When working toward goals or striving for success in any endeavor, self-discipline is one vital quality you need to have. Most of us cringe at the thought because it brings to mind instant visions of sacrifice, difficulty and strain.

However, discipline doesn’t have to be so hard. The problem occurs when you try to go from having no self-discipline to forcing yourself to undertake a heavy load of responsibility. Talk about pressure!

Below are three easy ways to become more disciplined with a minimum of discomfort:

1) First, change your attitude about discipline. One reason you may not be disciplined is because you think the activities or chores you need to do will be unpleasant in some way. The most common reaction to thoughts like that is to put the activities aside or avoid them until you feel ready to handle them.

Instead, pump yourself up and get motivated to get them done as soon as possible! Look forward to the challenge and keep affirming how great you’ll feel when you’re finished. Focus on the sense of personal accomplishment you’ll gain with every task and you’ll be much more likely to stick to your plans.

2) Make self-discipline a gradual process. Rather than trying to force yourself into submission with a big list of tasks or activities, go a little easier on yourself to start.

Identify one small task or activity that you can use for practice. Make it something fairly easy to accomplish each day, and then make sure you do it. If you have to, post notes of encouragement everywhere or wear an elastic band around your wrist as a reminder. If possible, get this one task out of the way first thing in the morning before you do anything else. Make it your highest priority and it will soon become a solid habit.

Then, begin adding more tasks or activities – or increase the size or frequency of the original task so you’re doing more each day. Little by little, keep increasing it like that and eventually you’ll find that you’re doing the things you set out to do without excuses or procrastination.

3) Commitment. If you’re not fully committed to achieving your goals, you’ll probably have a harder time pushing yourself to work on them. Make a solemn vow to yourself that you will do what it takes to work on your goals every single day. Write a list of important action steps and make it your mission to do one or more of them each day. Re-commit yourself as often as necessary to make sure you stick to your plans.

More than anything else, self-discipline is a favorable result of a series of wise decisions that you make each day. Choose to be disciplined, choose to be successful – and you will be!

About The Author
Iain Legg is now giving away Gold membership at his Success Library. Get $218.45 worth of success motivation ebooks and audios for free at http://www.yourinstantsuccesslibrary.com. Including free self hypnosis and brain entrainment audios.

Free Spanking stories

Free Spanking stories

Links to free spanking stories and domestic discipline stories:

Domestic discipline agreement

Domestic discipline agreement

The Domestic Discipline agreement defines the rules of the domestic discipline relationship. Who is the hoh (Head of the household)?..

Domestic Discipline Videos

Domestic Discipline Videos

Domestic Discipline pictures

Domestic Discipline Pictures


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