Art of Self Spanking post

American Spanking Society reviews the blog: The art of self spanking. (Book, Software, Articles...)

Good girls, bad girls post

Good girls and bad girls picture examples on perfumed kisses 2 blog.

Honesty in Domestic Discipline

Good article/guide about the importance of honesty in a domestic discipline relationship on the a domestic discipline society blog.

Story: Blame it on the Jeans

Spanking Story: Blame it on the Jeans (Part 1 and Part2).

Make a punishment birch

How to make your own punishment birch posted on hermionesheart's blog. Good how to for a good spanking/ domestic discipline tool...

Good Spanking Pictures

Some good Spanking Pictures from the Spankingnl tumblr blog:

Story: Lust in the Dunes 6 and 7

Story: Parts 6 and 7 of the story "Lust in the Dunes" Part 6: The Aesthete and the Slut. Part 7 (Finale): The Love Elite.

Naughty and Nice Story

Short-Story: Naughty and Nice. ... "I hate Christmas! Elf Emma Snowsparkle muttered under her breath, after hitting her thumb with her hammer for the fourth time that morning."...
good, cute, great, lol I hate christmas spanking story on the spankarama blog
Have to read it later...

Spanking posts

Good Spanking blog posts list (over 30 posts) of several spanking blogs on chross.blogt. Posts, stories, pictures, videos...


Little White Lie Story

Domestic discipline/Spanking story. "Little White Lie" on sunnygirls aimlessramblings blog.

Trick or Treat Story

"Trick or Treat?" Story on danakane. Domestic discipline/ spanking story.

Woman spanked over the table.

Bare hand spanking of a woman. Link to the spankeable blog where the link to the Video is posted.

Unfair Spanking Poetry

"Unfair", spanking poetry on cddforlife blog.

NYT Article and Follow Up

NYT domestic discipline Article and a short interview with the author Jillian Keenan.Read it at the adomesticdisciplinesociety blog.

The Saga continues part 4

Story: The Saga continues part 4 by Cassie. Storylink: Cassiesspace.