Domestic Discipline Posts

Some new and nice domestic discipline posts on several blogs:

shadesoferoticpoetry: Disinclination (Stay) - A Song Poem - A girl wrote a poem to a song.
 learningdd: Mailbag Monday - readers submitted questions (about singles in domestic discipline, sexual side of the spanking and time management)
learningdd: Domestic Discipline advice and experiences
learningdd: Spanking Discussion
hermionesheart: Albert Strikes Back (Spanking Story) and Part2 Santa spanking asses pic
1001spankingfantasies: Bare bottoms pics
adomesticdisciplinesociety: Domestic Discipline: One DD World Community (Post about DD online/history and a discussion about the community...)
1001spankingfantasies: My best friend’s father – part 4  (Story)
1001spankingfantasies: Spank the police part 2 (Story)
adomesticdisciplinesociety: Discussion about consistency in Domestic Discipline


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